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Downtown Milano – a fresh take on Luxury Fashion brands & Home

Gucci has created an amazing comeback story under the design direction of Alessandro Michele. The brands wild mix of colours, patterns both new and from their archive has now also been transferred into the first home pieces. The new cushions, chairs, scented candles and paravants on display at the Gucci store in Via Montenapoleone are as eclectic as the clothing.

Bottega Veneta Home is just across the road in a side street from Gucci. Although the two brands are active in the same market, the look and strategy could not be more different. The Bottega Veneta Home store is situated in an old Palazzo and shows the brands subdued style in BCBG grandezza in large rooms with piles of books and market stand like display of flowers. Whilst Gucci yells at you Bottega Veneta whispers.

British brand Paul Smith teams up with Globetrotter luggage items for a special edition sporting the brands signature stripes.

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