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Home story with Evelina Kravaev Söderberg – H&M HOME’s Head of Design

Evelina Kravaev Söderberg is responsible for H&M’s trend milking home line. Here is a peek into her Stockholm home filled with scandinavian classics from the likes of Alvar Aalto to Arne Jacobsen and decorated with black, white & teal items from the H&M HOME line.

landscape-1439930770-hm-home-evelina-212klarb gallery-1439932943-hm-home-evelina-383klarbgallery-1439931224-hm-home-evelina-125klarbgallery-1439931949-hm-home-evelina-481klarbgallery-1439931736-hm-home-evelina-437klarbgallery-1439932456-hm-home-evelina-421klarbgallery-1439932517-hm-home-evelina-559klarbgallery-1439932767-hm-home-evelina-526klarb gallery-1439932817-hm-home-evelina-500klarb     gallery-1439931438-hm-home-evelina-150klarb  gallery-1439930573-hm-home-evelina-035klarb

Images courtesy of ELLE DECOR.

Here is an image from the H&M HOME Fall/Winter 2015 collection:


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