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ARMANI CASA: “#atribute” to 40 years of Giorgio Armani Design

To celebrate 40 years of Giorgio Armani, the company has unleashed the hashtag #atribute with a collection of current and historic images from the Armani vaults.

We display a few of the stunning range of design projects ARMANI CASA has styled over the past years:

Armani Prive in Hong Kong


Armani Hotel Milano


Harbaa Towers in Tel Aviv


Maáka Residences

82e3978c1b1f438143e4e22578b020cc 6122ee00d9908ed0640195d73cf60f18 9de17f9e881a8c98053385bd16bbb290

5th Avenue in New York


Interior design project by Armani/Casa: oceanfront luxury residences in Miami, Florida.b260689a061cecb2f2647ba365682b35

The World Towers in Mumbai

3160947c703e7022c78c79450aad00f3 f13e122b3abe03877b48d0b312273948cd2b2f2ea5e7dff1fca49c2ef9254d2d

Queen’s Gate Place London


The Armani Hotel in Dubai




Armani Ristorante Ginza


Armani/Nobu in Milan

fa8d01d53445af9179bc2b720307a585 a8f20bfdec2318fc351049ea6944eda7

And a very special treat straight from the 80ies: pictured is one of the first historic Milanese GIORGIO ARMANI headquarters located in Via Borgonuovo, where elements of the Armani style aesthetic were already visible in the details like the tables and lamps.


For more images visit the brand’s Pinterest page.

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