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JOOP! LIVING kicks off IMM 2015 with amazing presentation and awards ceremony

German home collection power house JOOP! LIVING kicks of the Cologne furniture week with an amazing off-site presentation (better than most fair stands and a lot better than the JOOP! stands on the fair, we must admit) and a prior award ceremony.

Before flooding the presentation with the creme-de-la-creme of northern Europe’s furniture trade, a selected group clients were treated with an award ceremony. The newly created “Crystal Cornflower Award” was given to the JOOP! retailer with best script and concept (XXXLutz), best direction (Porta), best set-building (Segmüller), best styling (XXXLutz), best service (Wohnfitz), best personalities (Möbel Egger, CH) etc. Though politically treading a fine line, the idea to state the fact that there are better (and by logic worse) retailers is great. Like all brands, retailers are not equal either.

In line with their stunning and image-heavy presentation in Frankfurt, JOOP! used large scale fashion and flower images as a ceiling high backdrop for the furniture sets in cool vintage industrial location. Good work and a tough benchmark for any newcomer.

10955749_848152275223668_6140083398309025267_n 10382087_848152271890335_4615139540238080703_o 10869659_848152268557002_6222986031066805255_o 10414880_848152301890332_1280747095311988602_n 10945716_848152305223665_2904153777767423041_n 10945877_848152308556998_7592898643978999462_o 10943676_848152338556995_1955580514269432970_o 1909120_848152341890328_9142945324574059339_o



10941132_844730082232554_8004711769043607520_n 10942603_844761165562779_5563604869488187873_n10943884_844721842233378_4977114215688462660_n 10599409_844721835566712_5176312396246559388_n 10487471_844721792233383_3465646842263432404_n 10505606_844721795566716_3169238019552984774_n 10919003_844721798900049_4715751989544503228_n 10922436_844721762233386_750258818742970117_n

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