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VIPP creates branded SHELTER HOME – from bin to branded lifestyle

The danish dustbin brand VIPP went one step further. After launching a branded kitchen in 2013, the VIPP brand, best known for their iconic dustbins, launched a ready-to-use country home called VIPP SHELTER for the design-oriented clientele.

The metal structure includes a kitchen, bathroom furniture and lots of clean and clever details designed by Morten Bo Jensen, the brand’s design head.

The SHELTER HOME reminded us a bit of the GUCCI VILLA by Ora-Ito, which turned out to be a greatly designed fake. But in contrast, this is a real branded product and a great example of courageous brand extension.

Who wouldn’t like this shelter “bin” as a week-end retreat?

Vipp-Shelter-House-3-600x800 Vipp-Shelter-House-4    af934ce44a88381094be4e3d6bc57099Vipp-Shelter-House-1 Vipp-Shelter-House-5Vipp-Shelter-House-6Vipp-Shelter-House-7

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