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New H&M Home Collection for the 2014 festive season

Swedish textile giant H&M has just launched their vast christmas home collection for 2014.

Unlike the branded home collection they do not try to concentrate on one look, they take & re-interprete all the looks available right now: vintage prints, romantic shabby shic, glamorous, glitzy & golden. Only available via mail order & online.

They are really the best copiers & re-interpreters in town.

3SB_0116_061R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0093_244R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0085_406R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0079_117R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0078_079R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0077_072R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0073_083R_Midres_PRESS_low3TE_0071_059R_Midres_PRESS_low3TE_0070_041R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0122_321R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0110_122R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0072_012R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0071_147R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0070_170R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0067_123R_Midres_PRESS_low3SB_0066_030R_Midres_PRESS_low9074_SL2_01_low 3SB_0125_081R_Midres_PRESS_low 3SB_0124_034R_Midres_PRESS_low9074_SL2_02_low 9074_SL2_03_low 9074_SL2_04_low 9074_SL2_05_low 9074_SL2_06_low 9074_SL2_07_low 9074_SL2_08_low 9074_SL2_10_low 9074_SL2_12_low 9074_SL2_13_low 9074_SL2_09_low 9074_SL2_11_low 9074_SL2_14_low 9074_SL2_15_low 9074_SL2_16_low 9074_SL2_17_low 9074_SL2_18_low 9074_SL2_19_low 9074_SL2_20_low 9074_SL2_21_low 9074_SL2_22_low 9074_SL2_23_low 9074_SL2_24_low 9074_SL2_25_low 9074_SL2_26_low 9074_SL2_27_low 9074_SL2_28_low 9074_SL2_29_low 9074_SL2_30_low 9074_SL2_31_low 9074_SL2_32_b_low 9074_SL2_32_low 9074_SL2_33_low 9074_SL2_34_b_low 9074_SL2_35_low 9074_SL2_36_low 9074_SL2_37_low 9074_SL2_38_low 9074_SL2_39_b_low 9074_SL2_39_low 9074_SL2_40_low 9074_SL2_41_low 9074_SL2_42_low         9074_SL2_31_b_low 9074_SL2_33_b_low 9074_SL2_42_b_low 9074_SL2_42_c_low 9074_SL2_42_e_low

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