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New ARMANI CASA Wallpapers & collection items @ Milano 2014


The italian grand master of BCBG style, Giorgio Armani, launched the brand’s first wallpaper collection together with a series of newly dressed ARMANI CASA items.

The wallpapers are shimmering textile wallcoverings with asia-inspired plant decors in various sizes. The wallpaper was streched like a band through the whole exhibition space linking all the items on display.

The novelties in the ARMANI CASA range include small glass paperweights in the shape of crabs and glass lamps with a marble effect that makes them look different when switched on or off.



ARMANI_MXP_2014_9  ARMANI_MXP_2014_11 ARMANI_MXP_2014_10ARMANI_MXP_2014_12 ARMANI_MXP_2014_13 ARMANI_MXP_2014_14  ARMANI_MXP_2014_5 ARMANI_MXP_2014_4 ARMANI_MXP_2014_8    ARMANI_MXP_2014_window        ARMANI_MXP_2014_25 ARMANI_MXP_2014_6ARMANI_MXP_2014_26


2 comments on “New ARMANI CASA Wallpapers & collection items @ Milano 2014

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