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AUDI Quattro re-designs alpine hut as branded “home of quattro”

Audi Quattro revamped the Festkogel Alm into a “Home of quattro”. Though it went down well with some design blogs, we feel this is going in the wrong direction.

Staged brand architecture is not a lifestyle
The red-white-wood colour scheme and the crystalized futuristic look clashing with the traditional elements of the hut are all too obvious and remind us of “look du jour” fair stand design. This is a staged brand presentation, but apart from flashy theory keywords like “contrast”, “innovative”, “hi-tech vs. tradition” this is not really a lifestyle you can get your hands on.  I wonder how this looks with people using it… This bloodless design by Designliga would better live on in a powerpoint presentation than in real life.

Unlimited resources – limited results
The car guys are the super heros of the design world and usually have the biggest budgets and nearly unlimited resources. Once they are freed of their daily business limitations they obviously run completely wild and do not achieve the best possible and brand-rooted results.

Bland branding
The clearest sign of the “trendy” fair stand approach is the bland use of the brand logo on the outside. Looks like an AUDI dealership has landed in the mountains – but they have left the cars down in the valley.

Audi_feeldesain_22 Audi_feeldesain_21

Audi_feeldesain_03Audi_feeldesain_20 Audi_feeldesain_19 Audi_feeldesain_18 Audi_feeldesain_17 Audi_feeldesain_16 Audi_feeldesain_15 Audi_feeldesain_14 Audi_feeldesain_13 Audi_feeldesain_12 Audi_feeldesain_11 Audi_feeldesain_10 Audi_feeldesain_09 Audi_feeldesain_08 Audi_feeldesain_07 Audi_feeldesain_06 Audi_feeldesain_05 Audi_feeldesain_04  Audi_feeldesain_02 Audi_feeldesain_00

images via feeldesain and inspirationist, © Designliga

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