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AUDI x POLTRONA FRAU – chair, car interiors & small leather goods

AUDI DESIGN TEAM and Walter de Silva (Head of Design Volkswagen Group) teamed up with italian leather & furniture house Poltrona Frau to develop and produce an innovative lounge chair. The chair is called “Luft” and combines fluid lines of cast Aluminium with subtle handcrafted leather. Walter de Silva: “The armchair combines the handcrafted precision of Poltrona Frau with high-tech from Audi design”.

Audi-Luft-armchair-for-Poltrona-Frau-02-720x1019 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom01 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom02 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom03 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom04 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom05 Luft-armchair-by-Audi-Concept-Design-for-Poltrona-Frau-designboom06


AUDI also launched an exclusive version of the A8 including Poltrona Frau leather interiors and a range of small leather items in the signature cognac brown leather co-branded  AUDI and Poltrona Frau.

2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_13_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_12_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_10_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_9_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_6_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_5_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_4_1024x768 2015_audi_a8_exclusive_concept_3_1024x768

905_IPZM_3141301800_DEU_001 905_IPZM_3141301700_DEU_001 905_IPZM_3141301700_DEU_002 905_IPZM_3141301700_DEU_004

Images via AUDI

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