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MISSONI HOME – “Papavero Acquarellato” – Watercolour Poppies

MISSONI HOME have just released new images for their “Papavero Acquarellato” range for 2014. It includes watercoloured designs of poppies in their signature colours.

1920234_743094902376340_1635031639_n 1620850_743044695714694_1189906129_n 1017432_743044649048032_1868777440_n 1661263_743044679048029_2003005530_n 1926766_743044002381430_611028182_n 1979650_743044012381429_808281942_n 1507708_743044039048093_2033050150_n 1962718_743043629048134_1060918024_n 1978767_743043652381465_1337310492_n

One comment on “MISSONI HOME – “Papavero Acquarellato” – Watercolour Poppies

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