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TOMMY HILFIGER Home – S/S 2014 Images

In addition to the boldly “TH”-monogrammed “College” & “Tailor”  TOMMY HILFIGER and licensee Decamps have leaked more imaged of the upcoming TOMMY HILFIGER Home range for Europe.  The series “Offshore” and “Allen” play with maritime influences and variations of the stripey TH logo tag.

It is a pity that we could not see the collection first hand on one of the recent fairs. We are curious to see the real colours, the detailing and the quality used. Maybe one day…

FH_Parure Offshore FH_Parure College  Parure Tailor

FH_Parure Allen

FH_Coussin Tailor

FH_Coussin College

FH_Coussin Victory

FH_Coussin Madison

FH_Coussin Rainbow

FH_Serviettes Legend

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