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ESPRIT invites press to a cosy “Wohngemeinschaft” – Cologne 2014


ESPRIT invited the press to a cosy communal living presentation into a location called “Wohngemeinschaft” off the fair in Cologne. Here are some pictures from the event. Most of the images are from – Thank you for the share!

1_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_buenos_aires     10_esprit_home 9_esprit_home 8_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_stockholm 6_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_gift

2_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_buenos_aires 3_esprit_home 11_esprit_home 12__esprit_home 13_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_kapstadt 14_esprit_home_event_wohngemeinschaft_kapstadt 15_esprit_home

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