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New TOM TAILOR Sofas and Beds @ IMM 2014


TOM TAILOR used a small stand to deliver the life-style concept of the america rooted brand in a clear and outstanding way.

Casual and lively, colourful and fresh without being just “youthful” and shockingly colourful. The main colours used were very homely mint/teal tones, bright orange and cool denim. Some new furniture products included (optional) fashion prints from the mother brand.

We liked the racing car inspired striped sofa “Heaven Stripe”, which is available in 6 colour combinations. Cool stuff. Not as wild as PAUL SMITH, but cool stuff.

TT_IMG_3130_13 TT_IMG_3130_11

TT_IMG_3130_1 TT_IMG_3130_2TT_IMG_3130_10 TT_IMG_3130_9

TT_IMG_3130TT_IMG_3130_8 TT_IMG_3130_3 TT_IMG_3130_4 TT_IMG_3130_5 TT_IMG_3130_6


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