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Recap: GUCCI HOME – Circa 1999

Recap: GUCCI HOME - Circa 1999

In a historic flash-back we show you the now classic GUCCI HOME catalogue from 1999. The glossy silver catalogue includes some Tom Ford gems like the GUCCI DOG leash, Murano Glass vases and silver vases.

GUCCI_IMG_9639 GUCCI_IMG_9640 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9641

GUCCI_IMG_9642GUCCI_IMG_9645 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9644 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9643 KopieGUCCI_IMG_9646 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9647 GUCCI_IMG_9648 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9649 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9650 GUCCI_IMG_9652 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9653_Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9654 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9655

GUCCI_IMG_9657 GUCCI_IMG_9658 GUCCI_IMG_9659 KopieGUCCI_IMG_9660 GUCCI_IMG_9661 IMG_9662 Kopie GUCCI_IMG_9664 GUCCI_IMG_9665

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