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ESPRIT Autumn 2013 – New Home Images


German fashion giant ESPRIT with californian roots continues its world tour by picturing their new products for autumn 2013 in classic milanese apartments. The look is classy with an elegant carefree attitude. Vintage furniture by the likes of Serge Mouille, Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé rounds up the BCBG look.

Following this idea of elegance, the new ESPRIT HOM items on display sport less flashy colors in lots of natural shades (beige, brown and grey) contrasted by pale orange, gold and shades of blue & teal.

The new images continue to be big and bold, but as the brand has discontinued furniture and some other home items, the products are sometimes hard to find. Have a look, and try to figure out what is “on sale” and what is just “image”…

ESPRIT_2013_autumn_1152 Kopie ESPRIT_2013_autumn_0675 ESPRIT_2013_autumn_0914

esprit_2013_autumn_0658 Kopie esprit_2013_autumn_0502 Kopie esprit_2013_autumn_0434 Kopie esprit_2013_autumn_0417 esprit_2013_autumn_0307 Kopie


ESPRIT_Natural Rhombus icon image EPRIT_Mix-50291-020-38-38 icon image ESPRIT_Heringbone ESP-7002-01 Kopie ESPRIT_Grow-21498-010-50-50 ESPRIT_Graphic Edge ESP-6442-01 ESPRIT_Earth_PLAID ESPRIT_Crinkle-21483-050-38-38

ESPRIT_Towels line_natural_mocca_chocolate Kopie

In line with a general idea of upgrading the brand, the new home items are supposed to steer away from a too perfect, too clean look and emphasize a more “manufactured”, hand-made look. Small imperfections and a less rigid look are intended.

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