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Luis Vuitton Home Fakes

louis-vuitton-trash-bag Louis-Vuitton-House-1 Louis-Vuitton-House-3 The-Louis-Vuitton-Sofas-for-Your-Luxury-Home-2

The-Louis-Vuitton-Sofas-for-Your-Luxury-Home-1The-Louis-Vuitton-Sofas-for-Your-Luxury-Home-4 The-Louis-Vuitton-Sofas-for-Your-Luxury-Home-6 The-Louis-Vuitton-Sofas-for-Your-Luxury-Home-5



Just like the fake LV bags, the french maison has piled up fake or joke home usages of their brand.

From the patterned garbage bag to the house painted in LV fashion to renderings of (as far as we know inexistent) bed linens and sofas.


and: an Luis Vuitton toilet seat.


Artist Wim Delvoye tattoed pigs for an exhibition in Shanghai.

vuittonmask-thumb-450x450 vuittongrenade-thumb-thumb-450x336 petergronquist_chainsaw-thumb-450x391 petergronquist_gun-thumb-450x366-1 petergronquist_chair-thumb-450x599


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