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Separated at birth: fashion x furniture twins


Bretz x Christian Lacroix. The models on the left do not fit the scene, though.

We paired some of the furniture we found at the IMM furniture fair with their fashion/lifestyle inspirations.


TOM TAILOR x Dead Poets Society. East coast intellectuals welcome.


Minotti x James Bond. Looks like “Goldfinger” had his hand in this one.


Minotti x Mad Men. 1960ies are gogo at Minotti. Complete with smoke-filled rooms and strange hair-dos.


MICHALSKY x GARY GLITTER. The Gary Glitter of sofas: glam rock your living room.


Leolux x Desigual. Colourful & ready for Kindergarden. Sofas for “unconventional” headmistresses.


JOOP! x LORD OF THE RINGS. New fabric with ring pattern reminds us of a medieval hauberk.

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