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Raf Simons Home Story

The Ex-Jil Sander, now Dior Menswear Designer Raf Simons started as a furniture designer.

Here are a few pictures of his Antwerp home.


trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-7-600x441 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-6-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-5-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-4-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-3-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-2-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-1-600x399 trendhome-raf-simons-belgium-house-8-600x441

Raf Simons’ Home.

via Citizens of Fashion / WSJ

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